Ranch and Game Fences in San Marcos

High Game Fence - San Marcos TXIn Texas, your cattle and farm need the highest in quality. Your ranch is your livelihood and you can’t leave it the hands of a rusty old fence or even a poorly built new fence! To keep your ranch, farm or cattle secure and safe you need the quality of San Marcos Fencing Company. ​

Ranch Fencing in San Marcos

If your ranch needs it, San Marcos Fencing Company can build it.  For sure the most common ranch fencing solution is barbed wire with t-posts, but we offer several other high quality fencing solutions for your ranch or farm in the San Marcos area. The choices and combinations are practically limitless.

Ranch Fence Posts

Steel pipe posts are a a common  choice for many ranches providing a long term solution.  Often steel pipe is used on for the edge of ranch properties and commonly found along the road since they are more permanent. 

Wood posts are another common choice for ranch fences in central Texas. Treated wood posts can be combined with nearly any material – mesh, barbed wire, horse rail, or pipe to create a solid strong fence for your cattle.

Galvanized Pipe – another long lasting solution for your ranch fence is galvanized pipe. While commonly used with chain link fence in the city, it is also used in conjunction with many different materials for ranch and game fencing.

Ranch Fence Materials

Barbed Wire –the most common solution for ranch fencing in the San Marcos area is barbed wire fencing.  It not only crates a barrier, but poses a threat any creature attempting to cross! Barbed wire fence is the staple of the Texas Ranch, keeping cattle in, and predators out for decades in Texas!

Mesh Fencing – another common choice for central Texas ranch fencing is wire mesh. With different sizes to choose from, wire mesh fencing creates a more solid barrier for creatures to be kept off your property.

Pipe Rail – pipe rail can be mixed with different posts to create various affects. Mixing pipe rail with wood posts, creates a different look than using pipe for posts. The strongest material used for ranch fencing, pipe rail can be reserved for the places that need the strongest protection.

Horse Rail – also referred to has corral fencing, is using horizontal boards to fence in your property. Horse rail can be created from cedar or treated pine – they can be painted, stained or left natural.

High Game Fencing in San Marcos

When you need control of your herd populations, you need a high game fence. San Marcos Fencing Company is the premier high game fence contractor in the San Marcos area, extending through all parts of Central Texas.

High game fencing is can be used an numerous situations – whether your goal is to keep your animals in or other predators out.

Typically, the high game fence uses mesh wire, in combination with t-post or other metal posts to create a barrier than animals can neither penetrate or leap over. The standard height for a high game fence is 8 feet long. But where installations for water gaps and predator control require other heights, we can fully customize your high game fence. Your central Texas hunting ranch needs the best in quality, installation practices and materials.

With several mesh sizes and styles to choose from, San Marcos Fencing Company offers the best in options for your high game fence in the San Marcos area. There’s no reason to use a company that is hours away, when we are right here in Central Texas.