Pool Fence San Marcos TXYour family and guest deserve the strongest, safest, and secure pool fence in San Marcos, TX. 

We know the safety of your family is paramount and leaves no room for negotiation. Our pool fence will offer you the peace of mind that your children and pets are safe.

Whether you desire a stationary fence or a removable pool fence in Cedar Park, we have all types and designs to meet your needs. Our swimming pool fencing is affordable, durable, customizable.

Please notice our check list that is extremely important. Our job is not done with your pool fence installation without knowing that you feel fully secure 

Check list:

1. Our pool fence meets building codes

We started up to date with the latest building codes to ensure your safety. The building code is and inspection process is there to ensure just that.  All of our permits are verifiable upon request.

 2. Highly skilled professional installers

Your pool fence will be installed by our highly trained fence installers. Our years of experience make us knowledgeable and trustworthy. We take pride in our work and the beauty of your residence.

3. Removable or Permanent

For your security and safety, we have a fence to meet those requirements. You can choose the removable pool fence and we will help you understand how it works and walk you through putting it up and taking it down. Or you can choose a permanent pool fence that will provide safety and security year around.

4. Strength and Durability

Our swimming pool fences are reinforced to withstand not only the weather but the chemicals that are added to pool water. They will not rust, peel, chip, or dilapidate. They can also withstand your children and their crazy antics!

5. Transparent and Attractive

We offer a wide variety of mesh, border and pole colors that will compliment your pool, landscaping and residential design. 

6. Climb Resistant

 Our mesh fencing is extremely hard for children to climb. Because there are no holes and crossbars, they cannot gain leverage to push up and climb over. This is one of the best safety features to our pool fence.

 We would love to help secure your swimming pool today and bring your satisfaction of knowing your family is safe. Call us today at  512-472-7282.